Sunday, June 12, 2011

a first

What did we get to do today?
Let me give you a hint...


Okay, I'm pretty sure that made this too easy!

As one of our first CO adventures, we went to the Ringling Bros, Barnum & Bailey Circus.

I have never been to a circus.  According to my father-in-law, I'm the only person my age or older that he knows who hasn't been to a circus.  Hmmm.  I find this so funny!  He was just baffled by the fact.  I can't wait to tell my mom how she neglected me.  :)  Again.  HA.  How often does this come up in conversation with him.  He's a dentist, so he talks to a lot of people.  A lot.  Maybe he just mostly talks to people who weren't from a town of 4,000?  Or maybe he just knows more of the circus-type people?How does he bring this topic up?  Is it part of his checklist?  Does he ask all his patients if they have been to a circus?  I would argue that he knows lots of people who haven't been to a circus--it just hasn't come up in conversation!  I have been to a carnival.  Lots of those.  Growing up, that's the only time we locked our doors & cars...ANYWAY, back to the topic at hand.

We went to the circus today!  

Pre-show visiting!
These poor was quite warm. 

Cute cousins...
Dylan, Abby & Maddy
{where is Beks you might ask...oh, her mommy was carrying her and taking pictures!  fun times!}

Aunt Erky & Dylan

Super cute girlies...they were picked to pose for this photo!
They had such a fun time today...they are precious together!

The mature oldest cousin!
He still knows how to have fun...

Pink hair...
It came with the cotton candy & made for some pretty funny pictures!

Not sure why a sword seemed like a good idea...
maybe on the way out?  :)

So, my first circus.
My first time witnessing a circus performer fall to the ground in a freak accident.
Cable snapped & he fell probably 30 feet down to the floor.
Oh yes, he missed the protective padding.
It was horrible.

Back to the cuteness...

After our circus fun, we headed out to Rudy's for dinner.
Rib-loving cousins.  :)

My nephew Parker was Bekah mauled all through dinner.
While trying to get her to eat, he told her that her mommy might get her a treat if she did a good job.
In all seriousness, she said,
"Will it be a beer?!"

Where do these girls get this stuff?  :)

p.s.  Did you know that you could have a margarita or a beer at the circus?  I did not know such things. It was magical.  How sad is it that I was excited by this?  I hope not too sad because I thoroughly enjoyed it!  And I'm pretty sure Beks didn't drink any of it.