Thursday, January 27, 2011

snow day...again!

The girls bounded into the room at 6:41am...

Can we go outside now??  Please!!!

As I am a mean mommy,
I had them eat breakfast & wait until the sun came up.
Yes neighbors, you can thank me later.

Beks put on the WHOLE winter ensemble...
walked outside & came right back in.
It's not funny because she is a little sick, but I love the fact she put on all her garb to not go outside.
Gotta find the humor--
or else you just drink way too much wine.
Wait.  That might just be me.

Here she is crying for a kleenex...

Off to bed so I can smile in the morning...until next time!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

quick trip

What do a minivan full of girls and their hairy mongrel do for fun on a Sunday?
Road trip!  
We decided to sneak a short visit in with our favorite guy.
Daddy had a free afternoon, so this circus went on the road.
On I-95.  That is love!

Only one afternoon, but so much fun...

Princeton: Check!
Hoagie Haven: Check!
Bowling: Check!
Dinner for girlies: Check!
Hotel: Check!

Hoagie's a must see/eat if visiting!
{Note: It is not a health food establishment!}
The girls enjoyed their first trip!
Abby even started out eating her bacon cheesesteak sitting on the bench in front of the restaurant!
She's a tough cookie! 
And she ate every bite of her sandwich.  
She wanted Daddy to go back for another one!  :)
He was so proud!

We moved the party into the minivan.
That was neat.  And tidy.
Oh well, what does a little cheesesteak hurt?

This girly wanted a grilled cheese sandwich.
It looked magical.
She ate 2 bites.

Here is what she decided to do with it!

 Daddy did the quick tour & showed the girls where he lived all four years.
Abby seemed to enjoy seeing it...if it would have been a little warmer we would have spent more time exploring!

Hmmm...since Daddy is in bed (and I can't double check the name!), we'll call this Blair Arch!  :)

Beks enjoying her nap @ the coffee place!

New that a word??  :)
Anyhoo, it was fun & delicious.

Even though it was frigid, we had a great time.
The girls were troopers & they seemed to really enjoy themselves!  
So glad we made the trip...

One of the funniest parts of the trip was our stay at the hotel.
Of course we can't just stay anywhere...we have the hairy guy to think of.
So we drove back to the turnpike & stayed at the trusty Red Roof Inn.
Well, we were all in bed by 9pm.
Oh, how I wish we had all been asleep by 9:15pm.
Beks is like a wild monkey.  That girl.
She started in on how hungry she was.
Then, she was hot.
And thirsty.
And she needed books.  She wanted all the books.
You get the idea!  
At about 9:50, she decided she would move into my bed.
Abby was asleep by about 9:05 listening to 
The Mouse and the Motorcycle...for the 500th time!  
Beks moved into my bed & she finally fell asleep around 10:20.  
Then, the fun began.
She wiggled & kicked.  And talked in her sleep.
Then, Indy started in...he barked every time he heard something outside.  Or next door.
VERY relaxing.
And finally, about 3am, I feel some good kicks in my back.
I try to ignore it, but finally turn around--it's not Beks.  It's Abby.
She says, "There isn't enough room for me!"
Ya think?!
I then realized the dog was laying on my we had 3 of us with the dog on a full bed.
I quickly escaped to the other bed! 

A few more exciting stats:
Total time waiting for a UPS truck (and all the boxes it lost!) to be removed from the NJ Turnpike: 53 minutes
Total times the girls watched Milo & Otis: 4
Total bathroom stops: 5
Total times Beks asked to stop to go to the bathroom because her tummy hurt: 1,415
Total panic attacks in Baltimore tunnel: 1 (um, that was Mommy!!)

Until next time...

Monday, January 10, 2011

there is a lot of it...

Snow, that is!

Well, there was 
a lot 
according to Abby & Beks!

On Saturday, we woke up to a small dusting.
After about 2 hours,
we were left with almost an inch??
Whew.  It was deep!  HA.

The girls waited patiently for daddy to get downstairs
{he had gotten back from SATX @ 2am!}.
They were kind enough to let him have a little breakfast & they were out the door!

This is so Daddy!  
He's super fun!

What's more fun than a wheelbarrow full of girls?

He is such a little thief!  
He started out in our family stealing baby socks off of Abby's feet!  :)
This is what he's progressed to...we have gloves & mittens hidden all over the yard!

 Indy loves snow almost more than the girls do!

We always knew he was a window licker!  
Now we have proof!  :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

happy, happy new year!

From us to you...

How was your Christmas?
Our big family shindig was a blast.  A blast.
Crazy, with 17 people at the house, but fun.

I'm constantly behind, but I have big plans!
{Don't I always!  Gotta love a planner!}

Here's a look...

Waiting to see Santa

They had curls in their hair...they were so excited.
And had to wait 45 minutes.
For us to take our own pictures.
I think it worked out quite nicely...  :)

Hmmm...someone didn't find the reality of sitting on Santa's lap to be very fun!
Beks tried to smile through the fear!

She ran off pretty quickly, but realized she hadn't told Santa what she wanted.
SO, Beks ran back & stood a safe distance away to tell him what her Christmas wish was.

Any guesses??

Strawberry Chapstick.

That's it.  She is a simple girl.

Abby's in it for the big prize!  :)

Christmas velvet cake

Daddy's Christmas outfit...
{The shirt reads: Sometimes I Wake Up Grumpy. (Other times I let her sleep)}

THE chapstick.  :)

A little bit of Christmas sewing...

Cool nutcracker guy...

Brrr...cold visit to the Lincoln Memorial.

Johnson boys at Arlington by their dad/grandpa

Surprise trip to NYC...the cute girlies watching Toy Story 3.
I still haven't seen it.  :(

NYC blizzard.  Interesting experience!  
It really cut down on the traffic & people though!

Christmas tree @ Rockefeller Center!

View from our hotel window!

Cheesecake anyone?

Abby & Mommy's first Broadway show!  :)

Sums up our trip to NYC...she was beyond exhausted!

Fun with cousins...these girlies are so sweet together.

Happy New Year!
Here's to more updates & more fun for 2011!