Sunday, January 2, 2011

happy, happy new year!

From us to you...

How was your Christmas?
Our big family shindig was a blast.  A blast.
Crazy, with 17 people at the house, but fun.

I'm constantly behind, but I have big plans!
{Don't I always!  Gotta love a planner!}

Here's a look...

Waiting to see Santa

They had curls in their hair...they were so excited.
And had to wait 45 minutes.
For us to take our own pictures.
I think it worked out quite nicely...  :)

Hmmm...someone didn't find the reality of sitting on Santa's lap to be very fun!
Beks tried to smile through the fear!

She ran off pretty quickly, but realized she hadn't told Santa what she wanted.
SO, Beks ran back & stood a safe distance away to tell him what her Christmas wish was.

Any guesses??

Strawberry Chapstick.

That's it.  She is a simple girl.

Abby's in it for the big prize!  :)

Christmas velvet cake

Daddy's Christmas outfit...
{The shirt reads: Sometimes I Wake Up Grumpy. (Other times I let her sleep)}

THE chapstick.  :)

A little bit of Christmas sewing...

Cool nutcracker guy...

Brrr...cold visit to the Lincoln Memorial.

Johnson boys at Arlington by their dad/grandpa

Surprise trip to NYC...the cute girlies watching Toy Story 3.
I still haven't seen it.  :(

NYC blizzard.  Interesting experience!  
It really cut down on the traffic & people though!

Christmas tree @ Rockefeller Center!

View from our hotel window!

Cheesecake anyone?

Abby & Mommy's first Broadway show!  :)

Sums up our trip to NYC...she was beyond exhausted!

Fun with cousins...these girlies are so sweet together.

Happy New Year!
Here's to more updates & more fun for 2011!