Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's a first...

We have been waiting and waiting for this...Abby lost her first tooth!  :)  It seems like it has been loose forever, and since she is almost 7, she felt like it was past time to lose one!  

It was while Grandma, Pawpaw, UB & GG Jane were here.  We went to check out the Dulles Air & Space Museum that day, and went to Moe's for a late lunch.  Abby loves her some Moe's.  She loves it even more now...

Right after she pulled the tiny little thing from her mouth!

 This is where it happened...  :)

Thank goodness Mommy finished the Tooth Fairy Pillow...
Abby would've had to shove that thing back in there!

 I just don't remember baby teeth being this itty bitty--that thing is TINY.

 Here is her ballerina fairy tooth case you get the itch to make one yourself, here is the info!

Abby thought she might get $20 from the Tooth Fairy. :)  After I stopped laughing, I told her that inflation hadn't gone up that much.  The Tooth Fairy used to bring me 25 cents, so I think her $1 was just about right!

Love, The Johnsons