Sunday, October 24, 2010

another stellar parenting moment...

Well, this morning, Daddy & Mommy were really tired.
We are such party animals.

The real story is that we have NHL Center Ice...
we get to watch Avs games, but they aren't always on at the best times.
So, last night, we were up until about midnight.

When the girlies got up at 6-something,
Daddy told them they had to go into the playroom until 7am.
Sure thing, they did it.  LOUDLY.  But, they stayed in there until after 7.
Mommy got up around 7:30 to find them playing nicely together.
{Oh, and saw Daddy had an earplug in. Nice. Ever heard of sharing?!!}
The MESS was incredible, but it's the price we pay.

When I commented on the mess, 
Abby said, "Well, it is a playroom.  That's what we were doing."
Love the first born.

the girls had dressed themselves.
Which might sound like a good thing, but at our house, it's an experience -- sometimes good, sometimes not.
Ab found a great outfit for Beks, but it included jeans (they were at least a dark wash, so that was a battle Mommy didn't pick).
Abby's outfit wasn't her worst, but it was not necessarily good either.
Again, Mommy wasn't in the mood to push the issue.

Fast forward...
Mommy is the last one in the car (making us late for Sunday School, AGAIN!!) -- family waiting patiently for me as I run out of the house to the car backing out of the garage.

We get to the church, and this is what I find when I open up Bek's side of the car...

Hmmm...remembering Daddy yelling up the stairs something about Bek's shoes.
Me answering that I would bring something down.
Me drying my hair.  And trying to find clothes that actually fit me right now.
And running down to the car b/c I'm so late.
We took Beks to church without shoes.  In jeans.  Nice.
Oh, and we didn't stop there.
We went out to lunch after church.

Will I ever not be that mom?  :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

new look...

Welcome to our new blog -- it's really the same blog, just a different link and look!  I just finished a self-paced class over at; can't wait to learn more.  The whole digital scrapbooking/designing your own blog seems to be a little addictive!  :)  This is a trial run...leave us a comment and let us know what you think!  Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!  :)  Daddy J already told me it looks like it says, "Johnson FITS."  HA!  That would actually be quite fitting most days!  For all the girlies at our house...

Bloggy love, The Johnson Fam

Thursday, October 21, 2010

that's not my it?

We have some big news at the Johnson house...

Beks is now in a big girl bed!!!

To say she was excited is an understatement!
Just look at this smile...

There are many days that Abby would like for you to believe 
she doesn't care much for her little sister --ha!

This picture proves otherwise!  :)

We're still working on the finishing touches of their shared room.
It's gonna be so cute!
(You can't see the's over against the wall!)

Beks has done really well.
Um, most days.
This morning, Abby had to go to the bathroom at 4:20am...
 and for some reason, Beks woke up at the exact same time.
They did not go back to sleep.
Translation: we all did not go back to sleep.
Why am I still up?

More big sister smiles...
(See the cat, Grandma?  We got the box!! Must talk soon!) 

Can you tell she is happy to have a roommate?
(Don't ask her...she'll deny, deny, deny!)

Of course this happens to us...
the mommy who was always so sure that Beks would be in her crib until almost 3.  
Just like Abby was.

Hmmm...anyone want to remind me that Abby & Beks are mighty different.
My brave, brave 2-year-old girly wanted a big girl bed.
Actually, they wanted bunk beds.
Which they got -- minor detail that they won't be in that formation for quite some time.

If you talk to Beks about it,
be sure to call them bunk beds.
You DON'T want to be corrected.
She is 2, ya know?!

I've missed this blog.  I am in the process of designing my own background, pics & format (um, in my free time!), and it's not going very fast.  I'll just keep trucking along, so hopefully you'll see the new cuteness before long.  Anyway, I couldn't stay away from here any longer!!

Bloggy love, 
The Johnson Family