Tuesday, November 30, 2010

just checking in...

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

We had a good one...a few sad moments, but a good visit.  I haven't talked about it on the blog yet, but my grandma passed away this summer after we got back from Korea.  Eventually, I'll write something about the summer, about her, but not tonight.

So, Thanksgiving BINGO wasn't quite the same, but we had fun.  It made me miss her, and I spent some time looking out the back window at her birds and the pond.  Realizing it will be our last time at her house for the annual event was bittersweet.  The pumpkin torte helped.  :)

I went to Target tonight.  Kidless.  I had a coffee.  It was just a coffee, black...just in case you were wondering.  I'm not sure why I have so much energy.  Was it the little ol' coffee, or the fact I left the house sans girls.  Hmmm...not completely sure!

Anyhow, I'm up late figuring this out.  Why do I find all these great ideas, and then here I sit printing/gluing/organizing the night before I'm supposed to be implementing them?  If you can figure this one out, please email me immediately--I need your help.  If you have the chance, spend some time on her website.  I have been so touched by many of her posts.  Amazing.

This project included a trip to Lowe's after the visist to Target.  The. Longest. Trip. Ever.  For one item.  I went to get our Jesse Tree...it is what I envisioned, with the bonus of being sprayed with some sort of all natural glitter!  Won't the girls be so impressed?!  Excited to get this started, and look forward to celebrating in a more meaningful way this year.  I also ordered the Advent Wreath from A Holy Experience...it is on its way to Korea.  Nice.  Guess I should check the Paypal address?!  Oh well, there's next year for that!

I have also decided to undertake 25 Days of Giving with the girlies...yes, starting in 2 days.  HA.  You may see me on here again tomorrow night!  :)  Can you see a theme here?

Due to my fun trip to Target, we have the first pieces to our Blessed to Bless Bags...oh, my.  Four bags will soon be in my car ready to hand out.  Here is another idea I can't claim, but you betcha we will have some of these in our car.  I'm a little surprised that I didn't have everyone bring the fixin's to Thanksgiving.  Shelbyville doesn't have a large homeless population {or any that I'm aware of!}, so it might not have gone over well.  I am going to forward the idea to a few people/places, and see if anyone might be interested in organizing a little buffet!  For the time being, my little assembly line will be comprised of a 5-year-old & a 2-year-old.  Thankfully, they work for cookies!  :)  Won't you join us?

Monday, November 8, 2010

fun at the playground...

The newest development at our house...
the girlies will go out to the backyard by themselves.
Maybe it's disturbing that I let my 2-year-old wild child loose out there, but I'm crazy like that.
The funniest part is that Abby says, 
"Bekah, will you come outside and protect me?"
Yes, the big sister has to have protection.
We don't call Beks "Little Bruiser" for nothing!  :)

The weather was great today, so the girls headed out to play after lunch...

Here's to a great week of FALL weather!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Momma's Christmas Present...Dream Christmas List, Part 1

Oh yes, can you see the I Dog & I cruising the neighborhood in this?
Thought so.

Not sure what to do with the kids...
do you think it's a bigger bucket than what it looks like?  :)

Love the basket & flowers too!!
My dear hubby will need to move me to a lovely little place
where I can take it to the Farmer's Market.

Oh, to dream..

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

Monday, November 1, 2010

our little korean girls...

Much to our girls' dismay, they wore their Korean hanboks for Halloween!

They wanted to be Abby Cadabby (Beks) & Zoe (Abby).
Sorry girls.

This momma just wasn't that organized this year!  Okay, and I really wasn't sure about the whole Sesame Street monster thing.  We could get them outfits that would look good, but I know my girls.  They wanted the furry parts too.  Cookie Monster, no problem.  Abby & Zoe, not so much.

The good news: they were adorable!  :) 

When I say adorable
it means that Beks didn't make this face when visiting our neighbors' homes!  HA

 Let's put on our reflective belt...and we can sing Deep & Wide while we're waiting!

Love this girly...

They went down to the end of our LONG driveway
 to see the SCARY house on the corner!

Beks getting a ride after taking a spill out of the stroller.
Yes, it was no surprise that it was Beks!  

The pumpkins: Doggy & Happy Face

It was a fun night in our new neighborhood!  We didn't last too long.  The weather was chilly & windy, but it seems like their layered hanboks were just fine.  After we finished up, Daddy & Abby handed out our candy at the end of the driveway.  For some reason, the lightweights didn't want to make the trek up our driveway!  :)

The best part of the evening is when we had a real live Korean gal open the door to us!  She was so delighted to see the girls.

She said, "What are you girls wearing?  I know, but I want you to tell me."  
So, they did.  Which got them some candy.  

Then, they said, "Kamsahamnida."
They got hugs, kisses and MORE CANDY!  :)  It made me miss Korea!

A funny side story to this is that on Saturday night a friend of ours asked Abby where she was from, and she answered, "Korea!"  HA.  And in conversation tonight, Abby told Daddy that she is a Korean American.  :)  No confusion in this house!  Gotta love it!

That's a wrap for Halloween this year!  

carving, with a twist...

Daddy didn't have much in the way of little assistants this year.  

Well, that's not entirely true.  
Mommy was busy with the pumpkin seeds.  Mmmm, pumpkin seeds.  Oh, I said little assistants.  One can dream...

The girls...well, they just thought it was a little too icky.  Too many guts involved for them!  (I have a video that blogger is refusing to upload -- I'll keep working on it!)

Here is Daddy's biggest helper.
Note: You may want to mute this one...Abby's laughter is on the extreme side!  :)

We're not 100% sure how we'll handle this next year.  Had we known how this was going to go, Mommy & Daddy would have carved at night while the girlies were in bed!  We shall see what the next year brings!!