Monday, November 1, 2010

our little korean girls...

Much to our girls' dismay, they wore their Korean hanboks for Halloween!

They wanted to be Abby Cadabby (Beks) & Zoe (Abby).
Sorry girls.

This momma just wasn't that organized this year!  Okay, and I really wasn't sure about the whole Sesame Street monster thing.  We could get them outfits that would look good, but I know my girls.  They wanted the furry parts too.  Cookie Monster, no problem.  Abby & Zoe, not so much.

The good news: they were adorable!  :) 

When I say adorable
it means that Beks didn't make this face when visiting our neighbors' homes!  HA

 Let's put on our reflective belt...and we can sing Deep & Wide while we're waiting!

Love this girly...

They went down to the end of our LONG driveway
 to see the SCARY house on the corner!

Beks getting a ride after taking a spill out of the stroller.
Yes, it was no surprise that it was Beks!  

The pumpkins: Doggy & Happy Face

It was a fun night in our new neighborhood!  We didn't last too long.  The weather was chilly & windy, but it seems like their layered hanboks were just fine.  After we finished up, Daddy & Abby handed out our candy at the end of the driveway.  For some reason, the lightweights didn't want to make the trek up our driveway!  :)

The best part of the evening is when we had a real live Korean gal open the door to us!  She was so delighted to see the girls.

She said, "What are you girls wearing?  I know, but I want you to tell me."  
So, they did.  Which got them some candy.  

Then, they said, "Kamsahamnida."
They got hugs, kisses and MORE CANDY!  :)  It made me miss Korea!

A funny side story to this is that on Saturday night a friend of ours asked Abby where she was from, and she answered, "Korea!"  HA.  And in conversation tonight, Abby told Daddy that she is a Korean American.  :)  No confusion in this house!  Gotta love it!

That's a wrap for Halloween this year!