Thursday, February 16, 2012

our little swimmers

Last year, 
if you would have told me that I would be sitting at swim team practice 2 days a week,
 I would have laughed & LAUGHED!
Not that I didn't believe my girly could do it...
nope, I knew that Abby could swim.  
And that Beks wouldn't be far behind.
We just had to get past the fear.
Oh, and Coach Mary, words can definitely not describe how much we love her! 

Here is Abby getting some coaching...all smiles!  :)

And the littlest one...see those fancy strokes?!  
And a smile!

Today was a big day for Beks...
face in the water.  
Over & over!
Learning what to do when she gets water up her nose.
"It's like a sponge, Mommy.  You squeeze it.  
Oh, and you can blow it out too."

That's it from swim land...
Bloggy love, Momma J

Monday, February 13, 2012

old school

Well, I bought what I thought would be a fun Living Social Deal...
a 4-pack of tickets & skate rentals at
Skate-N-Fun Zone.

Abby has been taking ice skating lessons, so I assumed this would be a fun time.
Beks has been ice skating as well, and has done great.
Hmmm...are you getting the drift that it didn't go quite like Mommy had hoped?  :)

Abby is all cute with her *wheels*

Daddy was the only one who tore up the rink...he is our resident skater.
Being a CO boy, he grew up ice skating & literally skates circles around the rest of us.

They had a play park here.  Thank goodness!
It was much more popular with our girls than the roller skating was.
I didn't get a picture of it, but Beks would let us push her around the rink while she held on to the skater helper we rented.

I'm all laced up & ready to go.
Tell me,
why was it so much harder than I remember?
Why did I fear running some poor kid over...I sure don't remember it being so hard to stop.

Mommy & Daddy had fun, but Abby says she will, "NEVER go roller skating again.  EVER."
Here is the photo Daddy took...he mocked my roller skating skills a bit, but I was happy with the day!
No injuries for me, and I also didn't take out anyone.  Woohoo.

p.s. Mom, you'll have to answer the question about whether or not I EVER had any roller skating skills.   In my memory I did, but you know how that goes...

Bloggy love, Momma J

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

aren't i handsome?

Don't you think Indy dog is handsome?
Daddy wants to rip the heart bandana off of him.
At this point, being dressed up in girly things 
is sort of his hobby.
Well, maybe not HIS hobby, 
but there are a couple of girlies around here 
who smiled extra big when they saw this special Valentine's surprise
Indy's girlfriend, Ms. Jen, spoils him!
Groomed & handsome.
Let's see how long it takes him to roll around in something stinky!  :)