Monday, February 13, 2012

old school

Well, I bought what I thought would be a fun Living Social Deal...
a 4-pack of tickets & skate rentals at
Skate-N-Fun Zone.

Abby has been taking ice skating lessons, so I assumed this would be a fun time.
Beks has been ice skating as well, and has done great.
Hmmm...are you getting the drift that it didn't go quite like Mommy had hoped?  :)

Abby is all cute with her *wheels*

Daddy was the only one who tore up the rink...he is our resident skater.
Being a CO boy, he grew up ice skating & literally skates circles around the rest of us.

They had a play park here.  Thank goodness!
It was much more popular with our girls than the roller skating was.
I didn't get a picture of it, but Beks would let us push her around the rink while she held on to the skater helper we rented.

I'm all laced up & ready to go.
Tell me,
why was it so much harder than I remember?
Why did I fear running some poor kid over...I sure don't remember it being so hard to stop.

Mommy & Daddy had fun, but Abby says she will, "NEVER go roller skating again.  EVER."
Here is the photo Daddy took...he mocked my roller skating skills a bit, but I was happy with the day!
No injuries for me, and I also didn't take out anyone.  Woohoo.

p.s. Mom, you'll have to answer the question about whether or not I EVER had any roller skating skills.   In my memory I did, but you know how that goes...

Bloggy love, Momma J


Anonymous said...

Actually, you were a pretty good skater. Emily Ethridge (I think) was a rink helper and was a big help to you. Me - I had a huge fear of falling & breaking an arm & not being able to work!! I bet with a little practice you could show Brad a thing or two. (hee, hee) I bet if we really try we could find something that Brad isn't good at! Your Momma

Anonymous said...

Indeed. You were a good skater - we both had skill. Today, I have lost it. The last time I tried it was extremely embarrassing for all. So, I gave it up. Miss you - BFF