Thursday, February 16, 2012

our little swimmers

Last year, 
if you would have told me that I would be sitting at swim team practice 2 days a week,
 I would have laughed & LAUGHED!
Not that I didn't believe my girly could do it...
nope, I knew that Abby could swim.  
And that Beks wouldn't be far behind.
We just had to get past the fear.
Oh, and Coach Mary, words can definitely not describe how much we love her! 

Here is Abby getting some coaching...all smiles!  :)

And the littlest one...see those fancy strokes?!  
And a smile!

Today was a big day for Beks...
face in the water.  
Over & over!
Learning what to do when she gets water up her nose.
"It's like a sponge, Mommy.  You squeeze it.  
Oh, and you can blow it out too."

That's it from swim land...
Bloggy love, Momma J