Sunday, February 18, 2007

Daddy's Valentine Bear

Daddy's Valentine Bear, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

February 13th ... that's our Valentine's Day. Daddy proposed to me on this day, so that's when we do our thing. Normally, we don't do a whole lot, maybe go out to eat. This year with Daddy away, I didn't think we'd do much. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. Our good friend Vanessa Junio made sure we had a day to remember. She was into some secret planning with Brad for weeks. So, the doorbell rings (I'm in my pjs, hair in ugly pigtail & my glasses on) & there in the blowing snowstorm is Vanessa with the video camera going! That will be some scary footage! Luckily, Abby was dressed in a cute heart outfit! Brad had bought (with Vanessa's help) a locket & necklace for me. He had sent Abby a bear that rolls into a ball all the way from Iraq. If you have any ideas for a name, let us know! Abby LOVES her new bear. Daddy made us feel extra special from so far away. It's so good to have friends like Vanessa! What a special day!