Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Daddy's Chicago Marathon!!

Daddy's Chicago Marathon!!, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Whew. This was one heck of a day. Mommy, Abby & Grandma got stuck on the train for an extra 45 minutes in order to help another train. Then we totally missed finding Daddy at the halfway point! The big factor was the weather. Last year, when Mommy ran the marathon, it was 20 degrees with the wind chill...this year, it was in the 90's with the heat index. What a nightmare. They actually called the marathon. Daddy was past the point that they made people stop, but it was scary. We couldn't find him & we ran to see look for him. We figured out that we probably walked about 6 miles (at least!) -- with no food or drink. Nothing like running through the streets of Chicago pregnant! :) Daddy finished the race & we were so proud of him. More importantly, he finished it safely. He will probably do another one someday because this one was so weird, but no matter what, he finished this one! We love him very much & are so proud of his accomplishment. It's an amazing experience.