Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jen Judd Rocks

Jen is a friend of ours that we have stayed in contact with from our good ol' days at Randolph AFB--she knew us before we were Mr. & Mrs. Back when Brad & I were both lieutenants...young love. As usual, I digress. We got to see her and hang out with her a bit when we spent a year in D.C. & it was so good to catch up. ANYWAY, you can find her here. I borrowed this from her profile on her blog: "If you saw me from Monday to Friday, you'd hardly be able to see me since I'm in camouflage...when I get home, though, I break out into my super craft nerd self and make pretty bits!!" She is lots of fun AND she makes beautiful jewelry. Jen made the girls tiny bracelets--they are adorable!

If you are so inclined, here is the info she sent us about her jewelry & a contest she is in:

Hi all -
Life is good in jewelry land! I'll be showing in two shows coming up in the next few months:
The first one is back in my hometown, Bedford, PA, at the Fall Foliage Festival on 11-12 October and the second is the Del Ray Artisan's Holiday Market in Alexandria, VA, on 4-5 December. Wish me luck...or even better come out and buy something!
Additionally, in business news...I'm going to be opening up my on-line storefront at the beginning of November at If you haven't ever been to etsy, it's a marketplace for hand-made goods. I actually shop there quite a bit for art beads from all over the place!
Thanks again for the love and click the link below and vote! And, if you want something special for the holidays....let me know now so I can come up with the perfect gift!!
It's another challenge with another opportunity for you to see more of the jewelry-making world and of my little bit of it!
The Stringing Magazine Winter Challenge is "Black & White." And there are 97 wonderful pieces on display in the on-line gallery. HOWEVER, #37 is by far the coolest as it came from the hands of yours truly.

This is a piece that I started on some wire techniques with. I used some of my Hawaiian bead stash along with a funky piece of quartz for this pretty, imbalanced look.
I hope you enjoy checking out all the pieces in the gallery, but I also hope you'll take a second and put your vote in!! Thanks to all of you for help in my tie for first place during the Summer Challenge. My Cinderella baubles were all the rage. :)


Bloggy love,