Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cool Points

Well, we had the girls' yearly appointments.
Thankfully, they scheduled them back-to-back...
not that it isn't a good time to head over to the clinic on multiple occasions!
Both girls did really well AND we definitely established
that Abby LOVES to go to the doctor.
She wanted to have her check up done 2 times she liked it so much!

Here are the numbers:
Abby - 34lbs, 40.74"
Beks - 18lbs, 27.5"

Our pediatrician
has always shown some concern for Bekah's weight.
Abby has always been a skinny little thing...Beks is no different.
She doesn't eat quite as well as Abby, but she loves her food!
So, I've never been too worried about her weight.
Well, we had to get the normal blood test they get at 1 year (lead?),
so the doctor added some additional tests
to make sure nothing was wrong with her.

Nightmare. That's exactly what I thought.

You want me to take my baby into the lab & have 5 blood tests? Argh.
I walked in & you could just see
the lab tech's face fall when I told her it was for the baby!

She went for reinforcements.
I was just praying Abby wouldn't faint & Beks would remain calm.
I held Beks while they readied her for the blood draw.

Abby was watching & getting VERY excited.
Anyone surprised? HA. Abby is my drama queen!

Why are you cleaning it?
What is that thing you're putting on her arm?
Where is the blood?

Why can't I see the blood?
Is she going to cry?
What are they DOING?
Mommy, I CAN'T see the blood!

This is where the third lab tech comes in...
she picks Abby up for a better view.

That's as exciting as it gets.
Beks didn't cry. She didn't seem uncomfortable.
She let the lab tech draw an enormous amount of blood out of her little arm!
One of the other techs commented that it was amazing...
not a peep out of her.

Plus, her sister thought she was cool.

For about 5 minutes.

Then, we returned home & they proceeded to fight over the tea set.

See how tough she is?
Bloggy love,


The Simmons Crew said...

What a tough little cookie she is!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! And how great that if Abby ever has to get blood drawn someday you can remind her of this special occasion. ~BFF