Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Let's Go to the Playground...

Let me preface this post by saying I don't dislike living in Korea...
I just miss some things that we left behind in the good old USA!

#1 on the list of things we miss most: family & friends.

Pretty close to the top of my most missed list is having a yard (okay, and having a house!). So, that made it so special to be at my uncle and aunt's house and getting to do this EVERY morning. Abby was obsessed with being outside. It was great. Well, besides having jet lag & not being a morning person in general, it was great to drink my coffee outside every morning, while watching the girls play & play.

J & Beks...swinging. Do you see a theme?

Beks was tearing up the steak, baked potato & corn. Yum. Do you like her special booster seat? I remember we used to use catalogs...JCPenney's worked nicely! :)
This is why we came...time with the GGs. This was a special little moment--very sweet.
Our tradition...Build-a-Bear! Oh yes, you can never have too many stuffed animals to shove in your suitcase or carry around the airport. Why can't we mail them?
Well, how would they breathe?? :)
We had an absolutely grand time in GE. :) It was perfect. Aunt Beth saved my sanity and I really don't know what I would've done without her help. She is a baby person. My girls love her. And they LOVE Mich & J too...oh, and UJ. When Beks hugged him goodbye, she grabbed on with her little hands & didn't want to let go. I hope it wasn't too painful for them, but they should know, it meant the world. Having a mommy who is sleep deprived and 2 kids with jet lag would frighten most people. Not Auntie Beth. She took Beks one night & I was so exhausted I passed out asleep. I woke up & jumped out of bed to go check on them. I peeked around the door of their room & Beks, Auntie Beth & UJ were all asleep on the bed. :) Crazy. It was the longest she slept (up to that point!). What a gift that was.

Bloggy love,