Wednesday, September 2, 2009

a mommy & her stroller

Things have been crazy busy.
We have managed to squeeze in some quality play time.

Here, Abby is actually playing with Beks.
It is happening more often,
and with less drama.
{most of the time!!}

Beks is strapped in, so try not to worry too much.
She mainly likes the fact that Abby is giving her the time of day.
Beks is not picky.
She just wants to play with Abby...
preferably without being thrown down on the ground or pushed too many times!
Quick little update:
Abby has started back with dance & is now doing gymnastics.
She went to gymnastics,
That is huge.
But, it's also a story for another day/night...

Going to bed now, so that I can be nice Mommy in the morning!
Bloggy love,