Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry merry

Yes, it is officially the happy day here in Korea!

We had a fabulous birthday party for Jesus tonight...
it included meat fondue, salad, THE bread, and red velvet cake.
Daddy read from the Bible & told the girlies the story of Christ's birth.
What a GREAT night! :)

We have all the goodies under the tree,
and I'm up *working* on a few last-minute sewing projects!

Here are a few shots that cover our last few days...
Beks & Abby LOVING each other.
THIS has been a long time coming.
They have been playing together & enjoying each other much more over the last few days.
Abby's first official manicure!
I found Piggy Paint & decided she could have it...
even still sucking her fingers!
For your viewing pleasure...
Abby's PINK tree.
She loves it & HAD to have a STAR for the top!!
Well, Merry Christmas!
We are set to have a good one here in Korea!
Miss all of you back in the states very much...
we're off to Thailand on Saturday, so we'll be back with some stories, I'm sure!

Bloggy love,

{p.s. Beks kept saying, "Obama" on a regular basis. I could not figure out why his visit here had such an affect on her. Then, I realized she said it every time we said presents. HA. President, presents...what does she think she is opening tomorrow?! Maybe that's why Santa is freaking her out?} :)


Anonymous said...

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and are enjoying your trip...however, I am in need of an update of you all. Love GA Shirley