Thursday, April 15, 2010


our poor {pathetically updated} blog...

so, here goes. i am not sure where to start or what to tell you. can you tell the mommy is a bit tired? here is what we have been doing: pre-easter party, birthday #1, egg hunt, easter, & birthday #2 {accompanied by the stomach bug}. there's the whew.

we started out the festivities the sunday before easter...egg hunt & delicious lunch with our friends! windy & chilly though. oh well, it was still fun!

who needs those pesky egg holders? just drop them in there. the white sweater is a little boring.
she picked up one egg, opened it, & ate the candy. repeat. she doesn't like to stockpile & then go through them all at once. not her deal.
neither of my girls will be successful in the large hunts...they are a little too easy going!
abby & athena...good friends!
yum. here's a little seaweed with lunch. oh, and rice! are these girls in korea?
cupcakes. mmmm...

then, we did some cupcake decorating. not one of my better ideas.
{but at least it wasn't at my house! ha! j/k anastassia!}

i told the girls to press the sprinkles into the icing. grace took that very literally! :)
here are her cute little fingerprints!

going to sew. and sleep. sleep is priority tonight. we shall see.

bloggy love,

p.s. grandma gets here in 7 days. can't. wait. woohoo!


Anonymous said...

Will I get some seaweed and cupcakes, too?? Looks good. :)Can't believe it's almost time to come to see you! Everland here I come!

Anonymous said...

Had a great weekend with the Biehler families...sent you a hug with your sure you get it.