Thursday, March 3, 2011

girls' weekend!

Another trip on I-95...
it's good to be naive.  :)

The girls & I dropped the dog off at the kennel
and loaded up for our big weekend in NC.
We hurried to get out of town before the rush of cars leaving DC for the holiday weekend.

We were at a dead standstill on the ramp to get on 95.
Why didn't I just switch it up, you ask?
Go a different way?
Oh, it's because I LOVE driving at night.
To a place I've never been.

Let me just say,

To see these 2 together again!
Abby has been missing her precious friend Ella since we left Korea.
And I think the feeling was mutual!

It was as if they hadn't been apart.  So sweet.  Makes a momma's heart happy!  :)

We were hosted by Ella's Aunt Betsy.
Talk about a trooper!
It was so wonderful to have a home to land...plenty of space for the girls to trash!  :)
It was so fun!
Dressing up, games, Barbies...
and Monkey Joe's!
{as you can see...Beks did just fine keeping up with the big girls--AND found a new friend!}


Janelle took the girlies out for new, matching pajamas!
My girls refuse to wear anything else now...
Beks tells EVERYONE about them.  And wants to wear them in public!  :)

That's it for now, 
but we get to see the whole Davis family sometime in the next couple of weeks.
It's the only thing that has kept Abby happy...
that and pretending the AF might actually send us to the same place again someday.

We can dream, right?!  :)


Anna said...

How fantastic, you lucky dogs! The girls are so cute! I wish we all lived close again, wouldn't that be great?? Just not in Korea.....