Monday, July 25, 2011

A Long Time Coming...

Can I get a HALLELUJAH?!

It's still supposed to be a secret...she wants to tell everyone herself.
So, this is for Daddy.  She has already broken the news to him...

Abby is swimming.
If I could tell you the excitement that brings me...
I even got a little teary today. 
{Shocking, I know!  HA!)

We had been doing lessons from January until we left for our 49-day road trip.
Which is an entirely different story, but the important part is that we had FIVE MONTHS {5!!!!} of lessons.  Abby had done pretty well at the beginning.  Then, one of her little friends in class threw up in the pool.  Let's just call that the beginning of the end.  Can you say anxiety?  And Mommy stress?  So, we changed locations & teachers.  The new teacher let her play with toys in water so shallow she could sit down in it.  This is when I began to call these the "happy feel good swim lessons."  I explained to Abby that she could play in the bath tub with toys, and we wouldn't be spending $75 on swim lessons anymore.  Fast forward...about 2 weeks ago, we started back up.  My friend Robin had 3 semi-private lessons left with a teacher she wanted me to meet.  New teacher.  Round 3.  First lesson: Abby left telling me that she didn't know about Coach Mary.  She said, "Coach makes me do everything.  I'm not supposed to tell her no."  Goodness, Mommy likes Coach Mary already!  :)  Buh-bye happy feel good lessons.  Hello actual teacher.  She has 30 years experience, and 6 kids.  I'm sold.  SO, I signed my girls up for semi-private lessons with her.
And Abby is swimming.
Because Mary won't let her tell her no.  She is the teacher...Abby can tell her why she doesn't want to do something, but she can't say no.  :)  Someone is a little stubborn, so she just does what Mary says so she doesn't have to tell her why she doesn't want to do it!

I'll get some cute pictures tomorrow morning!  Aren't you proud of your big girl, Daddy?  :)


Anonymous said...

Daddy smiled and you girls. I am so proud of you all! See you soon.