Sunday, August 7, 2011

little ballerinas...

Here are the long-awaited ballet pictures...
okay, only the grandparents & daddy were getting a little bitter!
{and maybe an aunt or 2!}

Ballerina #1...
Beks has been waiting for this day.
For 3 years.  :)
Here is some sort of dance move/pose...

The bun...
or as Abby has informed me, a twist!
{this is as good as it gets...can't see me googling how to do it correctly any time soon!}
So cute!

Not a bit nervous...
she ran into the class on the first day & said,
"See you in a little bit, Mommy."

Can you believe all the pink cuteness?!

And the MOST important part of dance...
the dance stamps you get at the end of class!

The big girls' dance class.
There is something I haven't told you yet...
can you see who Abby is holding hands with?
Look closely.
It's Ella!
The Davis family has moved to Virginia!
{more on that later!}

Ms. Linda was wonderful!

How we feel about waiting during Abby's dance class!

More cute posing for me...
enjoy it, because she is moving on to bigger & better things.
She has chosen ice skating for her activity this year...and swimming.

These two are so precious together...
what a relationship.
From Korea to the states--wouldn't know we missed a whole year in there!

That's a wrap on summer dance!
Beks originally wanted dance to be her activity for the year...
not any more!
She has chosen SOCCER ONLY!
Be still her daddy's heart.
{stay tuned for some exciting stories!}


Amanda Evans said...

Aw! Pink cuteness! So awesome, I can't believe this fall I can have it, too!! :-) BTW, super cool that Ella is now nearby. So fun!!!