Tuesday, November 1, 2011

a peek @ halloween...

I'm so slow these days...here's a peek at the big night.
Abby was a machine.
Give the girl a beautiful dress, send her out for a night of candy & compliment gathering and it's a big night.
Beks...not so much.
She visited maybe 4 houses & wanted to go home for the stroller!
She didn't want to go home--she had fun watching Abby Trick or Treat!  :)

Short on time, we were!  We did fancy princess hair & everything...you can tell we were in a hurry because there aren't 100+ pictures of their hairdos!  :)  You can thank me later!

Beautiful Cinderella (in her wedding dress!)--Daddy wasn't crazy about the wedding dress part, but she sure looked amazingly cute (even with the extra layers & shoes she wasn't crazy about wearing)!

 Cinderella & Belle waiting to leave...good thing you can't see Belle's irritation with me!

 Not much patience with Mommy, but here they are posing with their pumpkins!
<Note: Abby is sitting on the *shoes*>

Daddy sure does nice work!  :)