Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Baby Fun!

So, do you think we should lower the crib again?

I walked in to check on something in Bek's room right after I put her to bed. She was standing up holding onto the mobile & leaning/peering over the edge at something.

She seems all sweet in this picture, but it's an act. She doesn't WANT me to lower it...she knows I'm gonna ruin her fun.

These two are going to be years of fun!

Plans for tomorrow...
1. Remove crib bumper
2. Lower crib
3. PACK FOR GUAM! Oh you heard me, pack for the warm weather & beach!! Of course, 6 mommies & 12 kids might be a little more than we're bargaining for, but we're not afraid. Wait, are we? Should we be?

Bloggy love,


Anonymous said...

You crazy mommies! What a riot that will be. Have fun in Guam. Bekah wants her crib left alone - she'll be good. What a smile. How can you even think about messing with her fun!!

Anonymous said...

Be afraid...very afraid...and then have fun! It won't be as fun without me though. :o( ~bff
PS are you planning our trip?