Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sweet Valentine's Day

Yes, these are more homemade doughnuts. I didn't eat any. YOU can stop laughing now. I did have a couple, but I have been off sugar for 3 days & it's better than doughnuts. I don't know if I mean that or if I am delusional from lack of sugar!

I really do think I feel better though.

This is what sugar can do...

This is a hint of things to come...Beks checking out the dog food container

I was working on the computer while Bekah played on the floor. Noticing things had gotten eerily quiet, I turned around to see what she was up to. Well, she was chewing on a big mouthful of something & drooling all over! As Daddy says, I freaked out and went running over to dig whatever it was out of her mouth. I scooped out her mouth & out came 3 pieces of dog food. She was playing with the Buster Cube and managed to get a little snack for herself! Mommy missed a piece, so Daddy went in for it. She really let him have it...that's what the tears are all about!
Supervising the bracket installation...quite the supervising skills at such a young age!
Bloggy love,


Anonymous said...

Are you missing a word in the 1st paragraph? Did you have a couple of donuts or what?? Explain yourself! :)

Anonymous said...

And I just love the "supervising" Beks picture. She looks like a great little boss. Love the cow baby legs. She needs a horse!