Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Guam or Bust!

Alrighty, after a dismal start to the trip...that I CAN laugh at now, we headed over to the terminal to catch a flight to Guam. We had 2 opportunities that day. The first C-17 was the same one we flew to Kadena on; yes, the crew knew that our crazy group was trying to get on their plane. No seats were released. BUT, we had this:

How wonderful it was! The kids could go crazy and it was okay. So, we waited for the later flight, but (I'm sure by now you have guessed it!) we didn't get on that one either. The plan was slowly unravelling. No worries. We headed off to our new residence (thank you AGAIN, Amanda!) the Westpac Lodge on Camp Foster. It was really nice, but the best part...the Macaroni Grill was right next to it! WOOHOO. That night, I thought the girls and I should have our own room so they could finally get some good sleep. I forked over the extra money & it was totally worth it!

Here we are waiting for our taxi...
I really want to wrap this all up, so tomorrow, I'm going to get through all the pics and the rest of the story! The girls are doing some adorable things right now, so I want to make sure I get the videos & pictures of them caught up. I have been feeling run down, so here's to going to bed by 10:30 two nights in a row! Sorry I made fun of you all those years, Mom! :)

Bloggy love,


Anonymous said...

Going to bed early is a very good thing. Almost like a treat! So enjoy - you deserve it. Then get up and get the rest of the story out to us! :) Your friends at the courthouse

Scott, Sarah, William, Daniel, and Colin said...

OH, my GOD!!!!!!!! (at the risk of sounding blasphemous!!) You are now my hero. I CANNOT believe you guys attempted this. (bow to you, bow to you, bow to you!!) Can't wait to hear "the rest of the story".