Sunday, March 8, 2009

Who Loves the Pool?

Finally...we had a whole day with no trip to the passenger terminal. Yippee. The 3 mommas and 6 kiddos left at Okinawa had big plans to head down to the "American Village" and have a little fun! We planned ahead and were actually able to take the lodging shuttle--I had my baby car seat, the shuttle had one in it, and we were able to use seat belts for the rest. The plan was to hang out and enjoy the warm weather.

First, we wanted to eat, but it was still a little early. Abby wanted a breakfast burrito from McDonald's, but for some reason they didn't have breakfast on their menu. So, we headed into an arcade right across from the golden arches to have a little pre-lunch fun. The kids enjoyed pretending to drive cars and do some other games--we did pay for some whack-the-mole type game. We were forced to leave when Abby started to get a little obsessed with the claw games...Mommy is incapable of winning a stuffed animal with a 2-pronged claw. I told her we would just buy her an animal--cheaper in the long run. Off to our lunch and then some fun in the water.

I tried to talk Abby into going to the beach again and building some sand castles, but she wanted nothing to do with it. So, we just decided to go straight to the pool. The pool was a part of The Beachtower Okinawa...a fancy hotel on the beach that we had tried to move over to, but their availability wasn't great. We could pay to use their pool/spa area, so we took advantage of the sand-free zone! Beks was asleep in Danicka's stroller, so Abby & I headed over to have a little 1-on-1 time. It was one of my favorite parts of the trip. Abby commented on how much fun it was to be by ourselves. It's hard on her to share me...good for her, but it is hard. I just know that it was a good feeling to have nothing to do, but swim around & be silly with her.

After about an hour or so, the rest of our gang came over to the pool. My camera batteries were dead, so thankfully, Amanda & Danicka helped me out (I'll have some additional pics when Danicka gets back from her Guam adventure!). It was an awesome day. That day alone, made up for all the icky situations we had to deal with. It rained a little, but it was warm & we had a super time all being silly and splashing around. We deserved a little fun in the sun! Oh, and on another fun note, the Dr. Fish portion was part of our entry to the pool area. So, Mommy had her first experience with it! You'll have to wait on the pictures...

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Amanda Evans said...

Those 2 prong claws were a total rip-off!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

The pool looks wonderful! Wish I had been there with you. Poor Beks doesn't have a swimsuit?? :)