Saturday, October 31, 2009

last of illinois

Well, not forever.
It's the last of Illinois until we return to the states from Korea.

I can't remember where these ribs came from...
they were delicious though, as were the sides!
It's a place that always has HUGE lines, but UB knew the call ahead trick.
All those years of school paid off!
UB will be feeding us that the next time.
It's tradition. :)
Mmmm...dis sho is good
Wow. Pawpaw is actually trying to smile.
Come on girls, this is momentous. Play along.
See, now after all the drama, he is smirking.
Moaning along with Abby...
And with that, we left.

Bloggy love,


Anonymous said...

I smiled in all the pictures! I guess I thought that would help the others to get with it!! I think the ribs came from Pappy's. It will be a good tradition!