Monday, October 19, 2009

random silliness.

Abby took this one...too cute!
Not sure how she got Beks to pose.
They were darn cute together today. Well, most of the day.
Is that the way it goes with sisters??
Abby & her Barbies.
She used to have 4, then one lost her head.
I didn't work long on the surgery table...
Now, she has 3.
Two are from the Thrift Shop, and she doesn't know it.
She guards them from her sister because they are special.
HA. Special because they only cost $1, little lady.
Oh well, Beks has Kim doll.

Well, Grandma sent a cute Halloween skirt with a black turtleneck.
Why couldn't I just leave well enough alone?
I decided to try my hand at applique.
First, I sewed the pumpkin on...
Daddy saw it and remarked that maybe I should make it a jack-o-lantern
{and then I believe he made a comment under his breath something along the lines of, "Good luck with that!"}
So, I cut out the eyes & nose
then I headed back over for Daddy's help.
He does nice pumpkin work...good mouth, Daddy!
We like the buck teeth. Do you know any good dentists? Ha.
{for those of you that don't know, Brad's dad & brother are both dentists}
And I am funny. Real funny.
And I do not completely stink at applique.
The next set of photos belong to Abby.
She is obsessed with the camera all of a sudden.
Which means Beks is too...
it's just a matter of time before the camera ends up in the dog water; I'll take bets.

This is one of my favorite photos of Daddy in a long time.
Taken by Abby...
Daddy is saying, "cheese" holding a bag of cheese. Get it?
It's pretty cute. And funny.
Abby gets up close & personal to I-Dog...
And she's off...there goes our little hippy.
From the back, I think she looks like a little boy from the 70's.

Abby got a good shot of Grace enjoying our new Korean table.
We got this for the girls...
Abby works on her schoolwork here.
Beks likes to sit & stand on it.
If not watched closely,
she has been known to drag her doll stroller up there too.
Not that it would EVER happen on my watch. :)
We had our friends {Todd, Charlotte & Baby Grace} over the other night & I had been wanting to get some pictures taken.
I let Abby have a go at it.
No worries, she got Mr. Todd's good side!
Our little photographer...hmm, not sure what she was going for here.
Abby wanted her photo taken...this was after trying to get them to pose together.
Can I just say that I'm
to think about taking our Christmas picture this year??
Does this look familiar, Grandma Lene?
{If you can see around all the jewels...}

Bloggy love,


Anonymous said...

These are all too cute!! Good to know that Grandma still rocks!! The pumpkin shirt turned out very nice - good work Brad. :) I think Abby needs a Barbie with dark hair - mix it up a bit!! Can't believe all the jewelry those girls can put on!! Tell Abby thanks for all the pictures. You better be glad she can't read yet!! If she only knew what she's missing! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I'm with anonymous (we know who you are and you do rock)-- There needs to be some diversity in Barbie world. Blondes don't always have more fun! ~BFF

Amanda Evans said...

Very cute pics! I love the cheese one of Brad! :-)