Thursday, November 5, 2009

the big sleepover

This is for Grandma Lene...better late than never! :)
{I'm pretty sure I haven't posted these for you yet!}

Abby & her good buddy Ella decided they could handle a sleepover.
So, we had the whole Davis family over for dinner.
Then, they snuck out as fast as they could.
In all actuality,
Ella came up & asked Janelle when they would be leaving.
She then pointed out that it was dark outside. :)
Let's just stab the mommas in the heart, girls!!
Boy, did we peg them wrong!

The night went exceptionally well!
The girls did talk & get silly, but I'm pretty sure when you're 4 & 5,
that's allowed!

Here they are the morning after...
Cute little things...they're just precious.
Silly faces!
Beks getting in on the big girl action
Look at me...I'm a big girl now!
It was loads of fun & Daddy B cooked up a great breakfast that morning!
Of course, we told Matt & Janelle that we probably got the easy end...
they get to have Abby over next! :)

As my dad said when Brad called him to tell him he was going to propose...
"Good luck with that!" :)
Bloggy love,


Anonymous said...

Very cute! Hard to believe Abby has had her 1st sleepover. Can't wait to see if she'll stay overnight with Ella. Should be a good story! Did your dad really say that to Brad? Guess he should have listened!! :)

Amanda Evans said...

Wow! You've been on a blog roll! You must be spending all your time in Hawaii on the beach with your laptop! Hope you are enjoying it! We just made it down to Florida! Disney all week!