Monday, November 9, 2009

it was innocent enough

Today I almost killed the fish.
{Well, it would have been tragic to listen to the drama that would have ensued!}

We have to clean Glory's little bowl out once a week.
Well, I went to Hawaii and Daddy B was otherwise occupied.
That bowl was in dire need of a cleaning.

I scooped Glory out with a big slotted spoon & put her in a measuring cup.
I have to say, I did think it might be a little small.
I also knew that in just a little bit, she'd be back in her real bowl.
{Which is not really that spacious, people)

At that point, we went about our afternoon.
The girls rested while I worked out.
At some point,
I called Daddy B with a question & as I was hanging up,
I noticed that there wasn't a fish in the measuring cup.
Or by it. Or in the sink.
Where did the fish go???

I raced around the counter to take a closer look.
There she was...laying on the cold, hairy & dry ground.
Trying not to freak out,
I picked her {and the large hairball she had thrown herself into} up, and put her back in her bowl. Her tail was even a little crispy.
She started to swim around.
I couldn't believe it.

This can't be normal, but who am I to ever make a big deal about that?!
Normal just isn't our thing...

Bloggy love,


Anonymous said...

I had a turtle that was always doing that, too. I think Barb's son has one that gets out and they have to search for it. Glory be that you saved Glory - I can't even imagine the drama!!