Wednesday, May 26, 2010

so, it's that time again...

let me give you a hint... :)

what time, you ask?
oh, it's my favorite time...
okay, it's not really my favorite day {that will occur when we get on the airplane to move back to the USA!}

for those of you that don't know how things work...
we will have 2 shipments of our belongings leaving korea.
yesterday, we had our household goods {lovingly referred to HHGs} packed & loaded onto 3 moving trucks.
it is the big shipment.
later, we'll send the remaining goodies.

we shipped the car almost 2 weeks ago.
it will be there before we are.
our belongings are scheduled to be there the day before daddy gets on an airplane.
we are okay with this.
we have loaner furniture.
and less toys.
it makes me want to sell off all our belongings & live in a cute little 1,200 sq ft place.
oh to dream. :)

yes, ma'am. may i help you?
here is abby in the staging area {a.k.a. bek's room, a.k.a. our goods that weren't being packed}

strange array of things we kept.
that's just how we roll.
can you just see us up late playing rockband?
oh, and the sewing machine is still here.
all the boxes.
they boxed everything. everything.
and they made the boxes.
and reused.
and they were fast.
we started with 4 & by the time they were loading the crates...we had 1o movers!
{3 were fluent english speakers}
our living room!
{oh, they even boxed lucky, the horse--hilarious!}
washington d.c.
here we come.
we have no home yet.
will we?
i am trying to be at peace with this.
really, i am.
most days, i do well.
some days, i obsess! :)
top 5 {hahaha...edit from 6. i must've really been tired!} things about moving in korea:

1. you don't have to make inane conversation {i don't like silence much, so i'm the queen of rambling through uncomfortable silence}...this is actually something i like about getting my hair done here as well! :)

2. i don't worry about every little thing. i don't worry about them stealing my things. i can't understand what they are saying, so they could be completely bashing me, and i don't know it. it's really liberating! and pathetic at the same time. had i lived here any longer, i would have been even more embarrassed to not speak the language!

3. they don't ask for much. we just had drinks for them, but they refused our offer of food. low-maintenance men, that's what i like!

4. they got to our house right at 8:00a.m.--and they packed us and loaded our belongings in a single day. that is unheard of in the USA. no joke.

5. i had lovely friends who helped me with the girls & i-dog. it was wonderful & it was relaxing. to know that they were loved & taken care of! i will miss that. and them.

i'm sure i'm missing something. and if i weren't so tired, i could probably come up with 10. maybe i'll do a part2. :)

off to clean the bathrooms & make my loaner bed.

see you in just about a month you crazy USA peeps. we can't wait!

bloggy love,


Anonymous said...

You only gave the "top 5" reasons what happened to #6??? Did you just get too tired to remember it? See you soon!

Amanda Evans said...

Wow! I didn't realize it was THAT time already! It'll be good to have you guys back in the states! DAY TRIP!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to visit with you this summer!!! Hopefully we can have a little more time together!

Jennifer C

Scott, Sarah, William, Daniel, and Colin said...

Sooooo glad you're moving back!! I'm thinking we need an "educational" DC trip, especially if it will involve Johnsons and Bakazans ;)