Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This Week

News this week...

Car gone. Check.

The baby has decided she wants to potty train. Please no. Why does she have to do this before we move? It was supposed to happen after we get back to the states--same timetable as Abby. {hahaha} Well, we have gone through the first package of pull ups. She wants big girl underpants, but Mommy isn't mentally prepared for that!

Dog airplane reservation. Check. Dog staying in Korea due to volcanic ash. Check. :)
{not completely sure what we will be doing...maybe the girls will head back earlier than expected to take Indy back??}

Operation Stop Sucking Fingers started. Check. On day #6...woot. So proud of this girly. What a grown up little gal & she is working hard to get her special prize. 8 days to go...

Bloggy love,


Grandma Lene said...

Debbie just memtioned that you & your girls seem to be motivated by "prizes"!! From cameras to jelly beans with an AG twin set in-between! I say whatever works. I didn't know that Beks is asking for big girl panties - wow! I'm very proud of Abby and the number of days she has been "finger free"!! My girls are the best!