Tuesday, February 8, 2011

why abby wants to *off* the groundhog...

Sometimes the noise level makes me want to go outside & lay in the snow too, buddy.
I understand the need.

She finally went outside for longer than 2 minutes!

A girl & her sled...

 A super cute girl who doesn't mind wet hair.

The two snow bunnies!

This is how we got her out of the house...

Hey, shouldn't someone tell her to point her sled a different direction?


Where IS her mother?

More fun with Daddy...


Anonymous said...

How would Abby stop if that tree wasn't there?? Looks like a safety measure to me! :) I'm guessing that you didn't teach her how to use her sled! Beks is very cute in her snowsuit. I'm amazed how much Abby likes the snow now so there is hope for Beks. Love - Mom/Grandma Lene