Saturday, April 16, 2011

fun times

THIS is what I meant...the Davis Family at Dauphin Island.  Woohoo.  Abby was so happy!  To go months without seeing Ella, and then to see her in NC, Montgomery & then DI.  We were all excited!  Ella's family was planning a trip down anyway, and thankfully, our trips lined up!

We had a sleepover!  The girlies slept in the top bunk together, and didn't do a whole lot of sleeping, but it was fun!
More of the matching pjs...

 Thank goodness these two were able to do a little sewing...the weather was so nice that we didn't have any time to do the crafts I brought for the girls to do on icky days.  

Someone else had to get in on the action!  :)


Janelle said...

That was so fun! We all had a great time!