Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It has been a crazy last month.  I know I'm drama & tend to exaggerate, but it was crazy.  Crazy good, but crazy.

So, I don't want to miss anything, or skip one little thing.  Lucky you.  :)  Which means that I'm going back...back...back.  To the middle of March.  When my brother got on an airplane to fly to Washington D.C. to drive all the way to AL with us.  He gets all sorts of awards for this.  It was a 16-hour (+) trip, and he's not married, and has no children.  And he's got great patience...thank goodness!!  Let me just say, traveling with my girls is not for the faint of heart.  They never sleep.  Okay, they occasionally pass out, but that's not until about hour 13.  We drove all the way to AL the first night.  Whew.  We found a place that would take the dog, and passed out--just mere minutes away from the Davis family in Montgomery.  What a treat...first, North Carolina & then, AL!  Oh, and don't you worry, it gets better.  I'll save that rambling for the next blog update!

Here are the pictures of our house where we stayed for the 2 weeks we spent at Dauphin Island this year.  The weather was perfect!  Perfect.  The girls liked the sand and water.  Woohoo.  Just one thing missing...


Anonymous said...

Sure looks like fun...wish I could have been there.