Monday, September 19, 2011

soccer girl?

our little monkey has started soccer.
Beks has been waiting for a whole year;
she wanted to play last year when Abby moaned the whole season
returned to the soccer field after a two-year sabbatical during the time we were in Korea.

Doesn't she look tough?

Here's her game face...
um, let's just say she wasn't feeling herself for the first practice.
And second practice.
Oh, and the first game, but we can look forward to another post on that one!

This is pretty much her team spirit up to this point...she is actually closer to her team here than she is most of the time!

And here we are finishing up for the day...
no worries, there is more to come.
The season lasts until November.


Anonymous said...

I love the pic with the coach! So funny! Enjoy the season! These days fly by. xxoo ~bff

Amanda Evans said...

Hahahaha~ This SOOO reminds me of the boys' first soccer season last year. Painful. You have to watch the 1.5 minute iMovie I made using fitting's on my blog.

Gotta love kids!!!