Friday, October 7, 2011

one day in maine

I'm so fast at blog updating.  Like lightening.  :)
Daddy came home, and we have just enjoyed being together.  Oh, and I homeschool.  And occasionally try to clean my home.  For some reason, life just doesn't stand still...and it couldn't be my outstanding time management skills.  Because, well, they are nonexistent outstanding these days.
Okay, enough with the excuses.  Here are the pictures of our very first day in Maine.
I wish we could go back already.  It was AMAZING!

We drove into Boothbay, and this was our first stop... 

Waited in line for 30-45 minutes, so we were hoping for the best.
It was good...the Bobby Flay "Throwdown" Crab Cakes were our favorite here.

 We (of course) also had a lobster roll--our first one of the trip!  :)
Oh, how I love lobster.

We are UPtown kinda people.
Beks thought this was cool.

Here was the view outside our lovely room at Ocean Point Inn.
There was a pool, a duck pond, all sorts of wonderful views.

Our first meal at the hotel.
No reservations on a holiday weekend.
That's how we roll!
They stuck us at a table they (thankfully) had in the back...we still managed to have amazing views.
Mommy chose the best meal.
Lobster Stew.  Yum.

Here's to the first installment of Maine...let's hope it doesn't take me another 3 weeks to get to the next bit!


Anonymous said...

Beks was right. She is very innovative! She should sell those corn skewers on QVC. My Mom would by them. Spoken like a true fairy godmother - Love BFF