Tuesday, January 10, 2012


We have 2 girlies that were BEYOND happy.
It snowed!
Total surprise.
 After rest time, there was no stopping them.

They were out the door in their regular pants before Mommy even knew what they were up to!

So cute how happy they were...not much snow, but they were going to SLED.

Oh, and let us not forget our snow dog. 
Indy LOVES the snow.

After a wardrobe change...
someone put on one of her favorite expressions as well.
Can't you just see her as a teenager?  :)

Pure joy!

A has now decided that we better move somewhere that will have more snow than we do here in lovely VA.  We shall see...I'm sure we can take some trips to see our CO Johnson contingent to help her with her snow dreams.  We seriously need to get this girl on some skis or on a snowboard.  She is a maniac!

Bloggy love, 
Momma Johnson


Hank and Laura said...

Glad you seem to be doing well! It's been nice to keep up with you all these years this way--FWB seems millions of years ago. How we have changed!