Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy 2012!

Well, hello there.

I have to report that there was no injury or enormous computer issue that has kept me away from the blog.  

It's just sleep. 
 As a grown adult, I have decided it is more important to get to bed at a reasonable hour than I thought in my youth (for that matter, more important than I thought in Korea!).
So, you could say I am turning into my mother.
There are worse things!  :)

You can hold out hope that our family will be sent to some far-off land...
then, maybe I will become a regular blogger again.

So, back to the matter at hand--Happy 2012!
We are calling it 20 (twenty) 12 (twelve) by the way.

Here's to hearing from us a little more regularly?!
Love, The Johnsons

p.s. The picture is so special...GG Jane ended up making the trip to VA.  The girls were beside themselves.