Tuesday, March 25, 2008


It's time! This is our house & it's for sale! We have been at Scott AFB for almost 3 years...time goes by so quickly. We are moving again -- you won't believe where we're off to this time...KOREA! This will probably be one of our more interesting assignments. We are excited to be together as a family & to have Daddy home with us. Our Ops Tempo will be high, but as with all our assignments, we're going to make the best of it & enjoy every minute that we can. Travel from Korea should take us places we never thought we'd see. We've thrown around going to China, Japan, Hawaii, Australia, Thailand...and from what we understand, there are plenty of fun things to do within driving distance. We will just have to see what works inbetween all the civil engineer excitement at Osan! Brad is happy to be getting back into the swing of things, but we have a couple of important occurences going on between now & then. Selling the house is one of them & WE ARE STILL waiting on baby. :) Here are a couple of listings on our house. Anyone interested?



(this one has the sq footage wrong...it's supposed to be 2750!)

I can't wait to take a happy Spring picture with green grass & flowers, but we're waiting on everything to get green!! I will post a baby update a little later on...I'm quite antsy about it & having a hard time with waiting, so I will try to get happy & then write something. :)
Bye for now,


Hank and Laura said...

Wow! That's exciting news! When is the big move? I have been waiting for baby news. I hope you are feeling well and I hope the house sells soon. Our house is also for sell and the market has slowed down here since you sold our last house in Navarre. Hopefully things are picking up.

Heather Johnson said...

We cannot wait either!!!! Where is that nephew/niece??? I hope for you that baby comes soon. Those last days are tough. Tell Abigayle we say hi. Madelyn cannot wait to come see her!!!
Love you,