Thursday, March 27, 2008

Waiting on Baby...

Hi all --
I would attach a LARGE picture of myself, but I don't have any recent ones. Trust me; I want you to see me in all the baby glory!! I will preface this entry by saying that I am SO HAPPY to be welcoming a new baby into our little family and that it's truly a blessing. Any negativity you might detect has everything to do with pregnancy hormones & gaining almost 70 pounds (yes, you read that right!) -- oh, and I'm past my due date. We are now due date +1...and I know I seem dramatic. Trust me, I have heard all the stories about how people have gone 2 weeks and then been induced and it still takes 2 days. Well, I was naive. I wanted it to be like it was with Abby -- 6 days early with a 3-hour labor. So sue me. So here I am waiting & I'm not so pleasant. I want to be, but at this point, I am just not feeling good. I managed to hurt my back early last week & it hasn't been the same since. I really want to be healthy again & be able to stand up without having to go to the bathroom. You should hear me getting out of bed...poor Brad. He is being a trooper. I am now crying quite a bit & he has to put up with me rolling over in bed and getting up 50+ times a night to go to the bathroom. :) He is ready to be done with pregnant Brooke. Pregnant Brooke is not lots of fun & I have been pregnant almost the entire time he's been home from his last deployment, so I do feel his pain! Anyhow, I am doing my best to keep up with phone calls & updating everyone, but I did take a nap today & yesterday, so I'm a little behind. We will let you all know when there is some news!! Doctor's appointment tomorrow, so we'll update after that...
Bye for now,