Monday, March 31, 2008


Hi all --
Well, we went to the doctor this morning & we're not going to induce until Thursday. I felt like I wanted to give the baby a few more days to come on its own & from there we can induce. My folks can usually be here with no problem, but these two days aren't working b/c my mom had to take a class for work. SO, they pushed us to Thursday. My dad & mom will come back tomorrow night and stay until Mom J comes on Thursday. That way, in case the baby decides to make an earlier showing (earlier -- HAHAHA!) we will have people here that Abby is comfortable being left overnight with. Now that I have made these arrangements, I'm sure the baby will come tonight or know what, I'm okay with that!!! I'm REALLY okay with the baby coming ASAP! We are in the middle of some big thunderstorms, so maybe the change in pressure will help?? We are praying like crazy that the baby comes soon & we can welcome our new little arrival into the family. We'll let you know if we have news before Thursday...
Bye for now,