Monday, July 21, 2008

Johnson Family Reunion -- Dubois, WY

This picture pretty much says it all...Abby & Daddy had an awesome time! Abby LOVED riding Lady & looked forward to it each day. I must admit that I was not in my best form. The drive from Colorado Springs to Dubois was supposed to take 8 hours. This is without traveling with a breastfeeding infant -- oh, who doesn't like to travel! ARGH. Anyhow, we made it, but Bekah & I weren't really able to get out much (everyone should probably be thankful for this!). I really didn't want to mess up her sleep anymore than it already was...we left for Korea 3 days after the final leg back to Denver. Gibby also got strep throat, so that was a bummer. All in all it was a good trip. We were glad to see everyone before we left the country. I just hope I get copies of someone elses pictures b/c these are all I have!!

Abby, Daddy & Lady
Cousin Dylan..."Hi" :)
Amanda & Avery

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