Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nursing Uncle Ben Bunny...

Okay...just about cried I was laughing so hard. We just spent the last half hour taking things out of one refrigerator to put into another. (We had a freezer incident & now all our meat is thawed that was in there!!! ARGH!) Keep in mind that this is the 3rd thing I have called about. The same guy came & probably thinks I'm crazy. He might think I like to change out big appliances for kicks! Anyway, the Koreans that have come to our house are totally freaked out by Indy...our killer GOLDEN RETRIEVER! :) So, we put Indy in his dog crate. Needless to say, I put Bekah for a nap & started to cook unthawed meat...forgot he was in there & he started to whine. Abby asked why he had to be in there and I told her she could let him out. She looked at me matter-of-factly & said, "I can't right now. I have to nurse Uncle Ben Bunny." Yes, she named her big bunny with the pink bow after my brother -- she loves him (both the bunny & Uncle Ben). It just totally cracked me up! On some level I am happy she does it -- maybe I'm instilling the importance of breastfeeding at this tender age! HA. When we were in WY she also asked Brad's sister, Aunt Erky, what Dylan ate (he's 1) & Erica told her all the things he liked to eat. Then Abby said, "does he eat your booby too?" Very nice that her terminology is so technical. Reflection of our good parenting, I'm sure. Alrighty, off to cook up some meat...I guess if we knew more people, we could have a meat party. Oh & it would help if we had furniture... :)

Bloggy love,


Cindy said...

I loved getting all caught up with your blog entries. You are such a fun "Mommy" writer. I have found that bacause I am so far from so many that I love, blogs are a great source of joy for me. So I will be reading yours everytime you have an update. Thanks for the sacrifice you are Brad are making for our country. It means so much to be able to pray for you.
Love you,