Sunday, July 20, 2008


We are here! Well actually, we've been here since the 10th of July! The first few days (nights!) were pretty rough, but we are feeling human again. Bekah is the last of us to normalize, so I am probably going to be working on that this week. Brad will be working different hours, so I'll have the nights to let her cry a little. She was doing GREAT (10:30pm - 6am) before we started all the craziness, so it's just a matter of time. I'm not looking forward to the process, but the results are going to be worth it. How many times as a mother will I utter those words...

Our apartment or condo or whatever you want to call it is very nice. We're on the top floor of our building (10th) & the view is awesome. We can see the flight line & the mountains in the's truly the penthouse view. :) Abby runs to the window every time she hears a plane -- that's going to be tiring for her! The dog is doing okay. He isn't fond of loud noises, so besides trying to run us into oncoming traffic when he freaks out, he's good. He likes to be on the balcony & he does look out our window (not sure what he's looking at). We are still getting the walking down...Brad usually takes him in the morning & most nights. He sometimes has to cross his little doggy legs when the girls are napping! He's a good boy! Abby has taken to walking him around the hallways; it's nice to be the only people on our floor right now!

It's been fun to investigate the base & the town off base. I'll let you know all sorts of interesting details, but just wanted you to know we had made it here!

Bloggy love,

p.s. No pictures for now...can't find my USB cord!!! ARGH.


Cindy said...

Your new blog is just gorgeous. Paula had told me about your trip and I was praying that Monday and Tuesday. Wow, what an adventure. I will love reading about you on your blog. I check lots of blogs each day. It's much more fun that the news. Corrie and Sean are moving to DC as soon as Corrie sells the house. Then they move to Monterrey. That will be great for us. God bless and keep you and may your little girls sleep!!!!