Wednesday, October 29, 2008

As promised...

Okay, here is the pumpkin...this was taken as it was (literally) on the way to the garbage. Can you see the spooky white mold coming out of the eye sockets? Nice.

The girls humoring me as I try to get pics of them in some cute Halloween clothes...
Wow...the girls seem to be *thrilled* by this, but at least they are both looking at the camera!
Abby has that "seriously, Mother" look down pat :)
Bloggy love,


John and Amanda said...

our pumpkin grew mold really fast, too! wonder why? maybe b/c it's indoors instead of outside in the cold?!?

jonathan said...

Hi Brad and Brooke,
Congratulations on your 2 daughters!!! I saw your link on Brian and Amanda's website. You have a great looking family! Have a fantastic fall there in beautiful Korea. It's a wonderful time of year in the mountains there. Hope your job gives you time to enjoy time together. :)

I just moved to Mindanao last Saturday. It's a little different shade of green than Indonesia but similar. :)
Jonathan McD

Anonymous said...

This is why i didn't carve ours till last night. And every year I ask myself. WHY? Why do I do this? It's disgusting goopy and nasty. Yet, I continue on. 13 years of carving the family "punkman" as darling Hannah used to refer to it. Funny...I used the same eyes as you! Our teeth are dracula fangs though and the traditional triangular thinking of you as blue cookie monster... ahhh the sweet memories of your oldest and dearest... xxoo bff