Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday's Fab 5 -- PART 2

Okay, so now I'm gonna share a secret plan that I have implemented in Korea. I hate grocery shopping. Not only do I hate shopping, but it's even more miserable with 2 kids. ARGH. The girls really aren't that bad, but it's just not fun for me. Back in the states, I would go to the store & think I had a plan--but, I would just buy all this food & not have much of an organized idea of what to do with it once I got home. So, knowing we were coming here & shopping wouldn't be what it was back home, I had to come up with something.

I have tried the online services you can purchase, with meal plans & shopping lists...I really did like 6 o'clock Scramble. I just wanted to come up with something we could do to streamline the process on our own. Well, before we left our last assignment, I sat down & looked at my calendars (I write the weekly menus on it) and my recipes. It was easy for me to see that we liked certain things & ate them more often. My idea was born! We have created a rotation all our own.

Here's what it looks like:
1. I have 20 meals on the schedule
2. 2 nights are left open for new recipes (because I LOVE recipes AND eating AND all things food!)
3. Saturday nights are 'Grill Nights'
4. We have a weekly 'Pizza Night'--either at our house or the O'Club
5. Once we go through a rotation, we start over again. We can tweak the rotation or add/delete items...very flexible

It has been working really well. We don't go crazy buying things at the commissary. If there are sales, you can definitely buy things because you know what you need & what you'll use. There has been flexibility to eat out too. I was worried that we would get bored with the same things, but statistics say people eat the same 8 meals the majority of the time anyway, so we just organized it!

Now, if I could just remember everything I went to the commissary to buy, we'd be all set! :)

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Anonymous said...

Okay this is brilliant but I am frightened that you know the "statistics" on how many of the same meals we eat. Love--BFF

Helen said...

Oooo...I like it. I've always tried to do this right before I do the shopping or AS I shop. This is much smarted. Gonna try it!