Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our 1st Trip to Everland

We finally made it! Our first real Korean adventure as a family...the girls & I have gone a few places without Daddy, but we've been looking forward to making some family memories here! We have been excited to go to Everland, so thanks to Columbus Day, we were able to take a little day trip. The girls were GREAT! No naps to speak of, but it turned out okay. We went ahead & got SMART passes, so we're planning on going back & having more fun! Here are some fun pics of the day...

Daddy & the girls heading to the ticket booth!
A view of the beautiful flowers & the big ferris wheel. Abby wanted to go on the ferris wheel all day...we finally did & she cried. She said, "I'm ready to go fast now!! I don't like this. I want to go fast!!" Oh my, have we created a monster?! :)

Posing in the monkey area...

I accidentally picked up a Japense map, so we were a little confused on what was what. Mommy sent Daddy & Abby on a water ride thinking it was the safari trip! Ooops. It turned out okay in the end. I went to look for a place to feed Bekah & stumbled onto a cool baby area...I also found the locks here to rent so that we could lock the stroller. Bonus!

We were waiting for Daddy to get off of his roller coaster. EVERY time a new group of people got off, they talked to Abby & wanted their pictures taken! What do they do with the pics?? They were very friendly & cute with the girls...they practiced their English & Abby practiced her Korean!

For some reason, they made me get on the horse with her???
Train ride...
Daddy looking manly on the tiny elephant ride! :)

Abby on the roller coaster with Mommy...in the front! She LOVED this & told me that she "screamed her head off!" Abby rode this ride 3 times!
I have no idea what the dog's name is, but she had pink ears, so Abby wanted to see her! :)
It was a super fun day & Abby asks to go back EVERY day! We'll have to go back soon! Come see us & we'll take you for some Everland fun too! :)

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Scott, Sarah, William, Daniel, and Colin said...

I am so amazed that she liked the wild rides & couldn't have them go fast enough!! What happened to my sweet little girl who wouldn't get into my pool because there were BUGS (gasp!) in it???????