Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Arrival & Rehearsal

Oh, the fun kicked right off upon the arrival of Pawpaw, Grammie Lene & Uncle Ben. As I was scurrying around the house trying to get everything ready for their impending arrival (which was 2 hours later than it was supposed to be!), a funny thing happened. For some reason, I decided to bake banana bread. Hmmm...why? Brad left to take his mom to the airport at 11am...he got back home at 10:30pm--fun times. After his departure, I must have decided I didn't have enough to do with cleaning my entire house & getting all the beds ready for the next group of company (while my girls went berserk most of the day!!). Well, I made the bread & it was cooling in the kitchen. I was back in the guest bath cleaning & the thought hit me...where was the dog??? I go running to the kitchen & he must've heard me; he was coming out at that exact moment. I had left the stool Abby uses in the kitchen as a doggy staircase to banana bread heaven. He LOVES his baked goods. Here is what I nice bite out of it! The funniest part is that the airport group got back & in their famished state, cut into the bread before I had the chance to warn them. Brad was lucky enough to get the Indy piece! :)

Bekah & Uncle Ben

They got here just in time for Abby's very first dance recital! It was very cute...these are from the dress rehearsal.

Abby & her good buddy Ella
Pretty Ballerinas
Oh yes, she is my daughter...
Pawpaw & the Beks--thrilled to be at Abby's rehearsal! :)
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Anonymous said...

Loving how pawpa and Bekah have the exact expression. I told you she looks like a Waggs. Love, BFF