Monday, December 15, 2008

The Big Recital!

Well, the lighting was HORRIBLE. That means that almost every picture we took was not good. Argh. The video turned out great (AND includes some of the funny Abby bloopers!), so once I figure out how to put it on You Tube, I'll have it available for your viewing pleasure! The recital was adorable & Abby's class was too cute. They danced to Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star...Abby did more LOUD singing than dancing part of the time! One of my friends even commented on it! It was very funny. Abby told me that some of the girls didn't even sing...the NERVE. And at a dance recital. What is the world coming to? It was a very fun day & we're sure happy that Pawpaw, Gram Lene & UB were here to enjoying it in person! :)

Here's her teacher, Mr. David...he's very talented & great with the kids

Pawpaw was in charge of Bekah...he said she would not sit down! She danced the whole time. So cute! :)

The ballerinas right before their first dance!

The ballerina & her rose!

The whole group...Daddy & Mommy went out to dance for the parent participation during the last dance. Fun times!
Gram & Abby
Mommy & Bekah...this is before she became angry about being denied ice cream. My girls sure aren't shy with their feelings!
We had a great time! I'll do my best to add a video very soon. Still catching up on blog updates & I am VERY LATE on some reports I owe. It's never dull here, that's for sure!

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Anonymous said...

Ahh the memories! Love from your dance partner...wonder why nobody took these kinds of pictures when we were the stars? Disgraceful! :o)